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All Saints Orthodox Church * Location: 211 Willow Ave. * Mailing Address: PO Box 207 * Olyphant, PA 18447 * 570-489-0942 * www.facebook.com/allsaintsolyphantpa

Our New Iconography - May 2011 - 05/11/2011

It is a joy to show you the blossoming of the incredible icons--"images" of the Lord and many of the Saints - that have come to cover the ceiling, walls, and altar of All Saints Church since the fire.
Although they are all new, the icon's style reflects the more ancient Orthodox approach to iconography. Rather than an exacting realism, they convey the Divine, peaceful, radiant qualities the Saints have attained, and to which we aspire. From Heaven, where there is "no darkness nor shadow of turning", the Saints draw us into the Lord's embrace.
Our icons were painted almost entirely by one iconographer, Ivan Roumiantsev of Moscow, Russia. Visit Ivan's web site here.

(2 images)

Deanery Mission Vespers - All Saints Church, March 21, 2010 - 03/21/2010

The new iconography was "unveiled" for a multi-parish Deanery Lenten Mission Vespers service on Sunday, March 21. The church was full of people, and the people were full of joy seeing the restored All Saints!

(8 images)

March 2010 - Iconostasis Top Row Complete! - 03/10/2010

These are close-ups of the icons of these 18 saints just before they were installed. This was the last chance to see them close up (unless you bring in a scaffold!) and so we wanted to share these images with you. In choosing a range of Saints spanning from the early Church all the way to the 1960s, our hope is to show that Saints are not remote, shadowy figures with no connection to our lives, but rather they are just like us - and many of these have shared the same struggles that we and our ancestors have faced!  They are truly majestic gazing down from the third "story" of the iconostasis! 

(6 images)

Iconostasis Middle Row - Feasts and the Last Supper - Complete! - 01/31/2010

As is customary in the design of an iconostasis, the next row up from the bottom is devoted to as many of the Great Feasts as will fit.  The Last Supper is in the center. The Feast icons were photographed before their installation so you can see the incredible detail they contain.

(9 images)

October 2009 - American Saints & Choir Loft Icons

To date, 12 North American Saints have been recognized by the Orthodox Church. Their images adorn the back walls of All Saints Church. Above them, in the Choir Loft, the Synaxis (Gathering) of the Bodiless Angelic Powers, together with six of the great Hymnographer (hymn-writing) Saints, join their prayers with together with the also angelic All Saints Choir to sing glorious praises to God! These icons are a new addition to the choir loft, donated in memory of Anne Peregrim.

(19 images)

April 2009 - More Saints Added

The walls adjacent to the Altar are filled with significant "pairs" of Saints, and more icons are added along the main walls.

(5 images)

March 2009

(7 images)

February 2009 - Feasts of the Lord, Prophets, and More Saints Added

Three of the Great Feasts of the Lord shine down from the top of the right wall; the Prophets are gradually added above the Altar, and other saints are restored to their former places on the walls.

(12 images)

July-August 2008

(5 images)

June 2008

(10 images)

February 2008

(22 images)

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